Ángel Carracedo receives the Galien Prize 2010

The USC professor of Legal Medicine, Ángel Carracedo, was awarded with the Galien Prize in the category of ‘Best Research Work’ for his works in the field of genetics, in the 20th edition of the Prize celebrated in Madrid.

The Galien Prizes are known as the ‘Nobel Prize of Medicament’, as they are considered to be the most important prize in the field of research, development and commercialization of medicaments. Its objective is to recognize the professional work of researchers and scientifics whose advances have a significative influence on society.
The jury considered Carracedo as one of the most important scientists in the field of forensic genetics and human populations, “making his centre an excellent place where scientifics from all around the world are educated».
Ángel Carracedo manages the Galician Public Foundation of Genomic Medicine (FPGMX), the biggest centre in Spain in the diagnosis of genetic illnesses. The FPGMX is part fo the Strategic Grouping of Campus Vida, integrated by a number of institutional agents and companies who, working  closely together with one another, guarantee the successful full  completion of the project.

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