USC Professor Juan Granja has been awarded the Ignacio Ribas medal by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry

The Organic Chemistry Department Professor and Researcher at the USC’s Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CIQUS), Juan Granja, has been awarded by the Organic Chemistry group at the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ in Spanish) with the 2014 Ignacio Ribas medal, a distinction that rewards each year the professional career of a Spanish organic chemist. The awards ceremony will take place at the next meeting of the RSEQ in Alicante.

The Organic Chemistry group, comprising 700 members belonging to universities and other research centres in Spain, acknowledges the contributions by Professor Granja and his team on the scope of processes of molecular self-assembly, specifically in the design of peptide nanotubes with novel properties. The use of gamma cyclic aminoacids allows to prepare structures with internal functionalizing cavities, which enables to control demand with certain properties. Both projects have in common the use of different metals to carry out the convalent and supramolecular synthesis. The group that directs Prof Granja works in one of the great challenges of the current synthetic organic chemistry.

Ignacio Ribas Medals
The Ignacio Ribas medals were created in 2010 to annually reward excellence of a Spanish organic chemist and his scientific work over the past five years. The award takes its name from Prof Ribas, who became a USC professor in 1942 for more than thirty years. In previous years the professors Fernando P. Cossío (of the University of the Basque country), Carlos Saá (also from USC-CIQUS) and Miguel Angel Sierra (from the Complutense University of Madrid) received this award.

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