The future at the microscope… ADEGA – Enrichment and classification of learning contents

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Today we present you with a project undertaken at CITIUS about the enrichment and classification of learning contents.

 Project ADEGA – Enrichment and classification of learning contents

Research group: The Intelligent Systems Group

Institution: CITIUS (USC)

Principal Investigator: Manuel Lama Penín


Creating learning contents is an arduous process which requires the participation of experts in the given field of interest, and in which there are currently no general purpose tools that reduce the efforts needed to create quality contents. The objective of this project is to facilitate the automatic enrichment of learning contents by employing linked data repositories that possess quality information about the subject matters of interest.

Expected / obtained results

This project has resulted in ADEGA, software for the automatic labelling, classifying and enrichment of educational contents, which is independent of the linked data repository. Nowadays, ADEGA has been successfully applied to the enrichment of contents for primary education and for training in the entrepreneurship field.


The ADEGA version available employs DBPedia as its linked data repository. In this way, general purpose documents can be annotated and enriched. Nonetheless, work is currently being done on a new version which generalises the annotation and enrichment process to accommodate any linked data repository.


A copyright of the current ADEGA version has been applied for.

Project collaborators and partners

ADEGA has been developed within a collaboration project framework with the firm Netex Knowledge Factory.


It is expected that the international part of this project is undertaken in the European research projects context and in the domain of computer technologies applied to e-learning.

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