Study in Campus Vida

Biomedical Sciences and Health Technologies Doctoral School is equipped with an integrated offer, interdisciplinary in english in the area of biology.

Passion for excellence + Visibility

Across the International Postgraduate School, the pre-doctorate researches receive the complementary skills in transversal research. We organize courses as well as visibility meetings of their work. This works as a springboard for the development of future interaccions and collaborations in the area of research.

  • Converting the International School of Doctorate in a cluster of health and welfare strongly integrated in the tissue academic, social and economic of the galician community, acting as the pole of attraction for talent and mobility of students, teachers, researchers and professionals related to the Life Sciences.
  • Projecting the School of Doctoral Students to the first line of the international level being a platform for launching to the international arena, through agreements with universities and foreign companies. The ultimate goal is to position internationally School phd candidates to serve as seed and momentum of the knowledge economy in the field of health and welfare.
  • The School will be governed by its Academic Regulations, which, in keeping with the administrative and teaching standards which must be set by the Ministry of Education, will include:
    • Organizational structure and functioning of its governing bodies
    • – Functions, rights and duties of its members
    • – Procedure for assigning thesis projects as well as thesis committee members and thesis directors
    • – Procedure for registering the activities, criteria for admission, continuance and presentation of the thesis
    • – Training program
    • – System of Internal Guarantee of Quality that allows the monitoring of the activities carried out
  • Governing structure:
  • Director: Dra. Montserrat Nogueira Alvarez
  • Technical office: Dra. Ana Canda Sánchez
  • The School is born to teach researches about the following knowledge areas:
  • Biological Research applicable to Health
  • – Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms, Health Genetics and Illness
  • – Treatment Innovation, Drug Design and Medicine Development
  • – Clinical and Traslational Research
  • – Research in Veterinary Science
  • – Research in Clinical Psychology and Health
  • – Sociosanitary Environment: Health Education
  • – Physical Education and Healthy Free Time
  • It is important to emphasize that the incorporation of the Health Research Institutes associated with large hospitals in the community extends the scope of the School of Doctorate until care.
  • On the other hand, several companies had already shown their interest in bidding both their teaching skills, such as the incorporation of students in their laboratories.
  • In the enclosed chart the main indicators of the future School are picked up starting from the associate data in the Course 2009-2010 to the active programs that incorporate to the educational offer in the course 2010 -2011. Likewise, the Objective Indicators settle down for the course 2015 – 2016 that, they are considered, they will make viable and competitive the School on the guarantee of the maintenance of standards of excellence of the campus of international reference.