Singular Research Centers Network (SRCN)

With the objective to increase the capacity and impact of research activity, the USC has been working for years in reorganizing its R&D capacity with the belief that developing the value chain (knowledge-transference-innovation) as today, new models of scientific organization capable of creating scientific, social and economical impact are in demand.

The main goal of these centers is to increase the capacity and impact of the research activity within the value chain knowledge-transference-innovation, thereby generating scientific and socioeconomic impact.

  • Campus Vida’s Research Centers are organized according to the following principles:
  • – Interdisciplinary research in strategic areas with a clear leaning towards the transfer of knowledge and generating returns for society
  • – Continual advice given partially by an elite and external scientific commission that helps to define the centre in the researcher selection process and in the continual evaluation of research activity.
  • – Scientific activity geared towards the rigorous strategic planning and financing mechanisms that are focused on achieving specific targets.
  • – Executive scientific leadership, and efficiency, that guides the capacity of the research groups to achieve the common objectives of the center.
  • – Professional management of the center’s activity through a research manager and a sound technical and administrative support team.
  • – Medium size (between 100 and 300 researchers)

  • Governing Body: Governing Committee and maximum decision-making body, composed of institutional representation and participation of the social, economic and businesses associated with Campus Vida.
  • Program Manager: the Scientific Director may appoint a manager for the program with the responsibility to coordinate their respective research units.
  • Management Body: Technical Manager with competence in financial, administrative and technical  management of the investigation.
  • Advisory Body: Commission External Scientific, formed by researchers of maximum prestige and experience in direction.