Mission, Vision and Objectives

CAMPUS VIDA aspires to become a Biocampus known as an international reference point for learning, research, knowledge transfer and sustainable creation of wealth, equality and social values.
Through an efficient integration with its social and economic environment and by transparently governing and maintaining the balance between academic excellence and social interests, CAMPUS VIDA will promote its Life Science teaching and researching capabilities in order create a new model of sustainable economic and social growth based on talent, innovation and the collaboration with the premier knowledge ecosystems around the world.
1. Develop, attract and mobilize outstanding talent

  • CAMPUS VIDA is committed to innovation in teaching with new ways to educate in order to generate and mobilize top-notch talent, optimize the graduation indicators of academic efficiency within the fields Life Sciences and Technologies from the three Galician Universities.
  • 2. Consolidate a traslational research environment geared towards innovation
  • CAMPUS VIDA is strategically committed to reconciling scientific excellence and the social and economic impact of its research activity by developing a proactive, open biocluster capable of integrating research and valuing knowledge.
  • 3. Internationalize Campus Vida by training researchers and professionals
  • CAMPUS VIDA establishes a specialized academic structure and a Network of Research Centers of excellence that provide the highest calibre teaching capacity. An International Medical Sciences and Health Technologies Doctoral School will be formed, which utilizes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach completely in English. This international school will serve as a magnet for attracting and mobilizing students, professors, researchers and professional related to the Life Sciences and will create extremely favorable work and training conditions for young researchers.
  • 4. Create employment, companies and entrepreneurs
  • CAMPUS VIDA combines USC’s sound experiences as an Enterprising University, which have consolidated it as an institution reference point, strongly connected with its environment and decisive in the economic and social processes of Galicia. Based on this experience, CAMPUS VIDA is designing a functional, physical environment support social and economic networks of shared interests. It will form networks within a dynamic ecosystem where academic, social and enterprising values merge and in which infrastructure is developed to facilitate the creation of highly-qualified employment and which manages innovative ideas as well as of the financial risk for turning them into new companies and services.
  • 5. Develop the University as a commitment to economic grown and sustainable development
  • CAMPUS VIDA, harmoniously integrated into a World Heritage Site, arranges peacefully living and urban planning into meeting places for knowledge, fostering university life with facilities and services designed for attracting students and researchers of excellence from around the world. The combination of the USC – a university founded in 1495 – and the city of Santiago de Compostela, the birthplace of Europe and the final stop on the pilgrim’s route, shape an exceptional international environment in which to develop and consolidate social and economic networks which will generate wealth and quality of life through the integration of teaching, researching and enterprising scopes.