Looking at the future with a fine toothcomb… development of organic farming: from sustainability to social inclusion

You will know firsthand what the future is to be. Our researchers will present their most promising research lines which aim to not only improve quality of life, but to create jobs, wealth, and social and economic development.

Today we present you with a project coordinated by Alberto Cepeda Sáez.

Project: Development of molecularly imprinted polymers to be applied in the food field (MIPFOOD)

Research group: The Hygiene Laboratory, Food Inspection and Control

Institution: University of Santiago de Compostela (USC)

Principal investigator: Alberto Cepeda Sáez

The project

This project aims to apply molecularly imprinted polymers to detect various molecules of healthcare interest in foods, such as antimicrobials or degradation marker molecules, which is our case with glutamic acid in meat. The project is expected to finish at the end of 2013 as it is in its final stage.

The results

As a result of this research project, Alberto Cepeda has published three scientific articles in international journals, and the research group hopes  to publish two more which will be sent in the near future.

The collaborators

As collaborators, we highlight Gaiker, Feiraco Soc. Coop Gallega, Grupo Sada, Mahou- San Miguel and “Ribeira Peixe fresco” (no traducir)

For further information:

Email: josemanuel.miranda@usc.es


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