José Castillo, from the public hospital complex of Santiago, was awarded by the Spanish Neurology Society for his career

The Spanish Neurology Society presented the Neurological Diseases Award to José Castillo from the public hospital complex of Santiago to acknowledge his professional career and his scientific contribution to this speciality.

The award was presented by Jorge Matías-Guiu Guia, who heads this organisation. This award acknowledges the winner’s research in fields like multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular diseases, neuromuscular diseases, migraines or the study of tumours of the central nervous system, matters to which Castillo has invested his efforts.

This prestigious neurologist is the current Scientific Director of the Santiago Health Research Institute. He also heads the management area of neurosciences in the public hospital complex. He teaches at the University of Santiago de Compostela, where he is a professor of neurology, the head of the Medicine Department, and he coordinates the Spanish Thematic Network of cooperative research in neurovascular diseases of the Carlos III Health Institute.

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