CiTIUS organises «Your Thesis in Three Minutes (T3M)»

The Ática (the Spanish Thematic Network for the advance and transfer of applied computational intelligence) Network will present in the CiTIUS centre on Friday 31 May the T3M «Your Thesis in Three Minutes» competition. It is a scientific diffusion initiative that addresses researchers undergoing training whose thesis includes some computational intelligence aspect. The person in charge of presenting the competition conditions will be Alberto Bugarín, an Ática Coordinating Committee member and a CiTIUS researcher, who will offer a presentation for any researcher interested in participating in this event.

The project, whose aim is to bring the Computational Intelligence area closer to society, intends to stimulate the communication aptitudes of young researchers and to make them aware of how important it is to adequately diffuse their scientific works.

Participants should explain their research in a limited time, as pedagogically as possible, and avoid technical terms by presenting their studies in a language that the general public can understand. This public will be represented by the people attending the event on the day and by the jury of experts in scientific and technical communication.

Participants will be allowed 3 minutes, a microphone and a single visual support in the form of a slide used as a background, but no dynamic content that could distract the audience. Using speech as their only communication tool, candidates should make the best of their skills to transmit the contributions made in their work to the world of science, and to society, in a didactic and simple fashion.

The date to present candidacies began on 15th May, and shall continue until 10th September 2013. In the preliminary phase, the potential contenders should send their proposal as a video which will be used as an outline for the jury to be able to select the finalists; voting will take place between 15th and 30th September, and the selected participants will participate in the final phase, which will be held in November in Madrid.

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