Information Technology Research Center (CiTIUS)

RCSI-CiTIUSThe scientific objective of the Information Technology Research Center (CiTIUS) is the development of R&D activities in the field of information technologies, offering an environment that improves the interaction between scientists of contrasting quality, originating from various disciplines, and increasing the transfer of knowledge and technology to the productive sector and general society

CITIUS research  is organized in big three thematic units (Artificial intelligence, engineering of computers and digital imaging) and a large transversal area(systems engineering) closely linked with the first.

CiTIUS began its scientific activity in May 2010, and in February 2011 began the construction of the new building.

  • The Center has an area of 3200 m2, and accommodate 160 researchers, of which 35 have been selected after an evaluation made by a external Scientific Commission. Between the infrastructures that house CiTIUS the Robotics Laboratory is worth mentioning. With 100 m2 of usable space for experimentation in autonomous navigation, a laboratory of digital content that will accommodate the research being carried out in  for the production and testing of digital content at the USC, and a Data Processing Center where you will find the center’s high performance computing center.
  • The Scientific Programs are a picture of the Center’s R&D activity. Through them CiTIUS designs new research projects that will involve scientists specialized in different topics.
  • Currently there are 6 Scientific Programs running which have settled a medium term strategy and well-defined work objectives.
    • e- HEALTH: Personalized health care to improve quality of care
    • DATA ENGINEERING: Efficient management of large data volumes of different nature and complexity
    • PERSONAL ROBOTS: More social and interactive robots, able to learn and to adapt themselves to their environment
    • ARTIFICIAL VISION: Techniques for the automatic interpretation of images and of real situations

    If you want to download the memory of the Centre, click HERE