Center for research in Chemical and Material Biology (CiQUS)


CiQUS is committed to performing cutting-edge research in chemistry at the interface with biology and materials science. The research activity of the Center started in 2011 and focuses on three major areas: Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, Functional Materials with Technological Application and Synthetic Technologies for Sustainable Development, which are supported by the transversal areas of Structural Chemistry and Computational Chemistry. CiQUS hosts 34 Principal Investigators including 4 ERC grantees for a total of 5 ERC Projects, and shows a fundraising capacity above 5 M€ per year. Over 180 researchers work at CiQUS and published around 90 articles per year in the highest impact factor journals (Science, Nature Chemistry, Journal American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie, etc). The center has promoted the creation of 3 spin-off companies and licensed 2 Patents.