Campus Vida

Campus Vida was recognized as an International Campus of Excellence by the Ministries of Education and Science and Innovation in 2009.

CAMPUS VIDA initially came into being as a natural evolution of the University of Santiago de Compostela’s capabilities and the structure of its academic, scientific, technological and socioeconomic environment.  It is a direct result of the universities commitment to achieving excellence in human resource management, internationalization, innovation in Life Science, improving economic growth and commitment to quality of life.

CAMPUS VIDA is organized around a high quality curriculum with a global reach, fully integrated within the EHEA framework to further strengthen its International Doctoral School.  Additionally, it  attracts and trains the finest researchers and facilitates the professional development of its degree holders.

CAMPUS VIDA fosters a new method of organizing research based on the steadfast collaboration between public researchers, the health care industry and biotechnology companies and consequentially, through scientific excellence, serves as an agent of economic and social growth.

The participation of Galicia’s University system as a whole, the active collaboration of the Galician Health System and the integration of 18 strategic public and private partners positions CAMPUS VIDA as the most important and most dynamic biocluster in the northwestern Spanish-Portuguese region and is testamant to its ultimate goal of converting Campus Vida into one of the top 100 global Bio-campuses.

To download the “Resolution as to the qualification of Campus of International Excellence in Campus Vida“, click HERE